Showcasing if a notice is approved or pending or denied.

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Showcasing if a notice is approved or pending or denied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Kyber tool for insurance notices?

Kyber is specifically designed to streamline the process of drafting, analyzing, and managing insurance notices, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in communication between insurers and policyholders.

How does Kyber assist in writing insurance notices?

Kyber's AI is able to reason with the policy document to then draft up any complex customer notification, given the context of the policy or claim. What usually takes insurance reps and claim handles hours to draft, Kyber's AI can do that in seconds. Moreover, Kyber's collaborative workflow makes the review process a breeze - allowing your teams to collaborate and approve these drafts in a streamlined workflow.

Save your team time and effort while you get complete visibility on the letter drafting process for your teams.

Last but not the least, Kyber allows your team to build standard and legally comprehensive customer notices. Don't leave anything to chance!

What support options are available for users of Kyber tool?

We provide 24*7 support through email, chat and phone. Our account managers work closely with your team to ensure Kyber is working as expected and when needed, loop in our engineering team to fix any issues.

Can Kyber be customized to fit specific insurance notice requirements?

Kyber is fully customizable to build and automate any insurance notice. Moreover, Kyber can fully integrate with your existing policy and claim management systems. Kyber also supports a stand alone, completely independent installation to get your teams going in a jiffy.

Is Kyber compatible with existing insurance systems or platforms?

Yes, Kyber is compatible with most policy and claim management systems. Kyber's API endpoints also allow integration with any home-grown solutions that your enterprise might have. Book a demo with us to discuss your needs in more details and we would be happy to help.