Instantly draft complex insurance notices using AI.

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See how Kyber can instantly draft and send complex insurance notices like Denial Notices or Reservation of Rights.

Instantly create claim notices using AI
Edit drafted notice using friendly text editor
Collaborate by assigning reviewers
Send your notice with one click
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How it works

Kyber's letter generation AI and workflow saves your team time and effort. Allow your teams to focus on what's most improtant.


Jump start notice creation using AI and custom templates

Streamline your notice creation process with our AI and customizable templates purpose built for insurance teams. Build custom templates from scratch or choose from our library of common notices. Then use our letter drafting AI to instantly draft customer notices using these templates.

Whether you're sending reservation of rights or coverage denials, our AI drafts quality insurance notices for any policy or claim at hand. Instantly!


Edit notices using a friendly text editor

Our full feature editor offers users a seamless way to edit and transform insurance notices. With this feature, users can effortlessly edit the content of their notices using a familiar text editor interface.

The intuitive text editor ensures ease of navigation and provides tools for formatting and customization, allowing users to tailor their notices with ease and efficiency. Say hello to hassle-free, real-time collaborative editing and empower your notice customization process with this convenient feature.

Editing a notice in their user-friendly editor.


Collaborate by Assigning Reviewers

Review feature empowers users to ensure the accuracy and quality of their insurance notices through collaborative review processes. With this feature, users can assign specific reviewers to thoroughly examine the notice content before finalization.

The intuitive interface facilitates seamless collaboration, allowing reviewers to provide feedback, suggest edits, and track changes within the notice.

Collaborating and reviewing with our team


Send your insurance notice with one click

Integrate Kyber with your existing mail service provider or policy management systems like Guidewire or Snapsheet to seamlessly send notices to policyholders.

Moreover, users can easily select recipients, customize notice content and attach any relevant documents

Sending the insurance notice with just a click

Improve member experience. Save time and cost.

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less time spent drafting claim notices

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less time spent reviewing claim notices

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faster outreach to policy holders